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Pricing, Terms & Conditions

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Pricing, Terms & Conditions


Bespoke Commissions

Because BESPOKE COMMISSIONS (custom orders) have no design boundary, there are no set price lists.

With each BESPOKE COMMISSION, clients are given a written quote that includes both the price and the estimated time to complete the project.  Once the price quote has been given, a 50%, non-refundable, deposit must be paid before work of any kind (design, sketching, labor, etc.) on a commission will begin.  Please see Accepted Forms of Payment below.

Once the commission has been completed, clients receive photos (and in some cases, video) of the completed commission for approval. Once ratified, the project balance must be paid in full prior to the client receiving the completed commission.

price influencers

  • Complexity of design

  • Size of article

  • Compatibility of article with equipment (some larger or uniquely shaped articles require building additional fixtures to secure objects for engraving)

  • Value of article (engraving projects)

  • Metals and precious stones (jewelry projects)

property rights

Nick Potash retains ownership of all preliminary and final Commission Properties.  Commission Properties include, but are not limited to, original art and design work, art and design elements, and graphic information from each BESPOKE COMMISSION.

Nick Potash retains all rights, with the exception of those explicitly transferred via a usage rights agreement, of original artwork.  Including but not limited to, electronic files, such as Adobe image files.
Only when a specific license agreement outlining usage rights or outright purchase of original artwork has been agreed upon through a written document, can the Client claim usage rights of the original design.

Standard industry practice stipulates that a general design project does not result in transfer of digital design assets such as, original design files (source files).  Therefore, the ownership of this intellectual property remains with Nick Potash.

The Client purchases the ‘design service’ and the right to use the designed outcome/product for the specific purpose of the project requested only. 

Copyright of any concepts, unused designs, illustrations, or any other rejected artwork produced by Nick Potash remains the property of Nick Potash unless written authorization is supplied by Nick Potash.

Nick Potash reserves the right to reproduce any and all designs, photographs and video created in print and electronic media for Nick Potash promotional purposes.

Accepted forms of Payment

Venmo, PayPal, wire-transfers, money orders, cashier checks, personal checks, and in-hand cash.  Please note, personal checks must clear before work on BESPOKE COMMISSIONS commence.

Project Limitations

No requests, please, for plated items (chrome, filled jewelry, etc.).


online shop

From design, to final polish, Nick Potash is the sole author of every piece.  Each are hand-carved and created through materials in their raw form.  Evidence of Nick's hand can be found in his work, and rest assured, no CAD drawings or 3D printings are used.  

All online shop purchases are non-refundable.  However, Nick Potash endeavors for 100% happy clients and is committed to seeing your satisfaction through.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email